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Website Design:
Web Worx Plus websites are custom made with 3 custom made versions for every page. 1 page version for desktop, 1 for tablet and 1 for phones.  We not only design stunning websites but we also make them useful to your potential customers and to your workforce when needed.  We can also design your logo. We take great pride in seeing our work help your business grow. We can also make an Android App and Iphone App out of your website for minimal additional cost. 
Web Worx Plus optimizes sites to perfection to attain the outcome you desire for each page.  We select keywords for each page based on what the page is about, how much the keywords gets used, and the areas you are trying to have your website show up in. We also make sure each page has relevant content for the keywords chosen for the page.
Search Engine Marketing:
Our idea of Search Engine Marketing involves the use of good old hard work to get your business to rank well organically.  Things like submitting your site to search engines, local directories, industry specific websites, commenting on other’s articles or writing in forums and blogs leaving your link to create relevant “buzz” all helps to get you to rank well organically.
Online Public Relations:
Publishing public relations articles through PR sites is an important function in the web to provide the news of your changes or new offerings.  Announcing your new website to the world through a PR article is always a good move.  it puts your info in the news and helps provide power to rank well through the content and the link to your site.
Social Media:
Social media has become a staple of a good digital marketing strategy, yet so many small business don’t see how it benefits them and so never get involved well.  The digital marketing industry revolves around conversations. 
When people talk (type) about things they need you business comes into play when someone has seen your video or your posts on facebook or twitter or instagram or when they see reviews on review sites which are conversations to others to either recommend or not recommend  your business.
Cost Per Click Management:
We can take a budget for cost per click and monitor the impressions and keywords to eliminate expensive keywords and use creative keyword phrases that are less expensive to replace them.  After tweaking your campaign for usually just a week or two you should see quality leads that cost you a fair price to get.
Email Marketing:
Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools:
Using Google Analytics we can provide an abundance of information about visitors to your site. Things like did the user use a Phone or desktop, what city, which search engine and much more.  Webmaster helps improve and optimize your website. You can see your indexed pages and it provides tools to crawl your website and submit information about it like a sitemap.
Emaiing your current clients every once in a while is a good way to keep your business in the front of their mind when the need arises.  We can setup and send emails to provide news, videos, reminders and promotions so your current customers always choose you again and again. Another way to use email is to get people who are unaware of your offerings to become aware.  Using email we can send friendly invitations to people to check out your website, coupon,  promotion, video, or other offering.
Business Needs Assessment:
An assessment of the your businesses current and future business automation and digital marketing needs in relation to the volume capabilities of your business and the competition of the areas served.  The assessment will help prepare a viable strategy that grows your business and a strategy that grows with your business.
Business Automation:
Most people won’t use a contact form to request service from your business.  Using a contact form in a website is fine if you just want to use your site for information and getting phone calls. 
Now if you want to ease your stress then streamlining your business process can be as simple as giving prompts to your customers to use. Something as simple as drop down options, which provide a degree of interactivity, not to mention accuracy, not only seems interactive to the user  but will get used much more than a contact form. Or maybe you need something a little more powerful. For example interactivity which works with your supplier sites for costs and then adds a markup to present an estimate to the user and then puts the outcome into a CRM or estimating software and continues from there. Or maybe you need a complete Enterprise Resource Planing Solution with inventory control, accounting, reminders, texting, interoffice communications, etc.  We have Industrial Organizational  Psychologists in our team that can analyze your workforce and systems needs and design, implement and train your workforce to become a profit machine.  Our developments are custom, reliable, secure and most of all, user friendly for your workforce to be efficient. Maybe you need a custom Android App or Iphone or Ipad App for your customers or workforce or both to become your dream business? Whatever you can think of in custom process streamlining or automating your business we can probably get done.
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